THE cheat pack


Ce cheat pack permet de tricher au jeu UFO Alien Invasion (rev 2.4). Il est executé par php en mode shell. Vous devez desactivez Zenity (voir cheat.php) pour ceux qui n'ont pas gnome sur leur systemes (inclus windows). c'est developpé pour fonctionner avec php5.3+. essayez avec moins.

Pour tricher, ce petit script réécrit les sauvegardes de vos jeux avec des valeurs plus interessantes... c'est soft mais ça permet de ne plus se soucier de la partie "micro-management".

I have also done a cheat pack script allows to cheat on UFO Alien invasion (release 2.4 -- still under dev at write time). It runs whithin a php (>5.3) shell, but it's best used if the terminal can show more than 100 columns. Non-gnome user should disactivate zenity (see cheat.php). Works again 2.4 savegames. No garanties that the savegame will run.

We cheat on the principle of savegame editing. if you're not happy with that use debug shell ingame.

No hidden feature, no spyware, no admin right needed to run it (but maybe some to configure your php).

Available commands

Note that a backup of you initial file will be automaticaly done...

Welcome in this cheater program. You may write "quit" anytime to quit without saving.

Select your action
[0]	Quit editor (and save)
[1]	game...... change difficulty level
[2]	game...... gives you more money
[3]	game...... improve happiness, remove XVI.
[4]	employee.. clone some civilians in your bases
[5]	employee.. equip soldier with template package
[6]	employee.. UNequip soldier
[7]	employee.. forgive the civilian's slaughter
[8]	employee.. update soldier - transform soldiers into supersoldats
[9]	employee.. update pilot - transform pilots into supersoldats (unstable).
[10]	employee.. sort employee
[11]	employee.. fire civilian (ask for confirm before...)
[12]	base...... show the building in a base
[13]	base...... move building
[14]	base...... finish the buildings that are in construction.
[15]	base...... remove granit blocks form buildspace...(do this before moving buildings!)
[16]	base...... fix building position force <buildingspace> to <buildings> values (only to fix manual edit).
[17]	reload savegame from file
[18]	save modification to file
[19]	pretty xml export in file (this is different from saving)
[20]	replace xml tree (within the savegame) by the one specified (into xml file)
[21]	fix missionid - expert use only
[22]	fix utf8 - expert use only (unstable)
please, choose [0 to 22]

Comme vous pouvez voir j'ai un shell qui ne s'inquiete pas du nombre de colonne. sous windows essayez du coté de powershell... debrouillez vous: pour tricher il suffit d'être malin.

I have a shell that is not aware of maximal column count... on windows try powershell... cmd.exe will trouble you.

how to run it



see linux command. you don't have to install cygwin... some _AMP easy installer can be used to run in shell.

? php.exe cheat.php /full/path/to/my/slot_.savx


?chmod +x cheat.php
?./cheat.php /home/$USER/.ufoai/2.4-dev/base/save/slot_.savx

alternative if php binary is not in you path.. (how unlucky you are)

?/full/path/to/php cheat.php /home/$USER/.ufoai/2.4-dev/base/save/slot_.savx

That's all folks. Kill those damned bloody virtual aliens, but love your fellow man. Enjoy the game and the sun.