This page shows a knowledge (aka a research ) in UFO:AI. Some knowledge are so common that they are provided a the begining of the game, some are needed to use weapons, other are needed to understand our aliens, their aircrafts and whatever they do. Some other knowledge will unlock the possibility to build new things...

{ Aerial Laser Cannon }


This is one of several proposals I'm submitting for the research and development of new laser weaponry. Each of these will have to be developed separately due to the size differences, power levels and complexity of the systems involved.

The Aerial Laser Cannon is the largest and most powerful iteration of our new laser designs. Like our infantry weapons it'll be powered by deuterium-fluoride reaction, but on a much larger scale and amplified by the aircraft's on-board electrical systems. Several exciting ideas are being considered.

As well as being the biggest, this may well be our most challenging laser to create. Any aircraft cannon will have to reach across several kilometres of atmosphere -- and therefore loads of atmospheric blooming -- with enough punch at the endpoint to cut into a UFO's fuselage. Those sorts of power levels have been achieved before with massive arrays mounted on jumbo jets, but never in a package small enough to make a jet fighter cannon.

The finished product should be able to engage UFOs with bullseye accuracy at ranges well beyond that of the SHIVA cannon, and although damage may be low, we expect that the ability to keep continuous fire and pressure on enemy craft will be valuable in the days to come.

Please approve lab time and funding for this program when you're ready, Commander.

--Cdr. Navarre

Detailled Information

type Ufopaedia Research time Production time Alien Material requiered Defined in
craftitem crafts 229 days 4 hours. 4 days 4 hours. 0 research.ufo


This technology allow the following

Not understood.