This page presents a weapon. No use to tell you what you'll do with them.

{ Electro Laser }

Detailled Information

Type Price on market Size in warehouse Defined in
rifle 1000 35 weapons_laser.ufo
Generic informations
Carry Fire Primary heavy Ammo loader Time to reload
One-handed Two-handed primary weapon's ammunition no Max ammo: 16 12 (battlescape) TU
Weapon information
Ammo Fire mode skill spread speed crouch range shots ammo time damage reaction misc
D-F Cartridge Stun Stun Shot assault 0.8 0.8 0 0.8 40 1 1 7 30 6 true impact=laserFrizzledImpact, hitbody=laserFrizzledImpact, spldmg=, splrad=, dmgweight=stun_electro, gravity=, launched=
Fire modes

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